Friday, April 23, 2010

Long a Due

So, I slacked off a bit. For a variety or reasons, or excuses, which us ECCCers love so much.
But long story short, this weekend is Easterns. The best weekend of the season. Whether because there will be a banquet, one of my favorite crits, or because I am excited to see what kids will do to ensure they make a mark in everyone's memories until next year... I love Easterns.

Before I ramble about the shinanigans to come, Let us review what I have missed.
1. Bucknell
2. Yale


Oh what a weekend this was. The weather was awesome. All the lame kids stayed home because they thought it was 'too far away' or 'had to catch up on homework.' Please, you missed out if you were them, truly.
The road race was a sweet course. The women's A/B field took the road race at a leisurely pace, but with the wind on the back stretch I was thankful. The final lap involved the only 3 crashes we saw that day. Yep, 3 crashes in a road race, in 9miles. What a day! This gave me the odd pleasure of my first real bike crash, unfortunately it was about 200yards from the finish line and I truly thought I had my real shot at a photo finish in this field. But... some ladies had other plans for me. Went down, but as Sully will quote me on "I'm GOOD at falling" We were going over 30mph due to the downhill finish, the girl slid across my wheel, I tried to hop over her back, but knew the day was over. My yelling endured by my friends showed this. Crashes are more frustrating than I had imagined.
So I decided to seek revenge in the Crit on Sunday. I loved the layout of that crit. Great turns, off camber and quick enough that you could pedal out of sight. So I bombed off the starting line trying to get the break on the first lap. One girl looked right at me and said "It's the 1st lap are you crazy!?!" Lucky for her, I am, but not about that, it was the move that allowed her to be in the top finishes. But I bonked and suck fested the last half of that race. Poor me. Oh well.

Fun Fun times. The crow's nest commentating kept the day moving. The circuit was not my cup of tea. Well neither was my stomach. Nothing I ate stayed in, and I was always hungry. Nasty cycle, but I experienced my first DNF. It was a strange feeling. I thought I would hate it, but it was the right choice. Some may be angry or not understand why I wouldn't just finish and get the points anyway, but if someone was sucking as much as I was in that race... they don't deserve the points either. So good job to the ladies that killed it.
Again Yale had a fun crit, flat and not as technical, but relied more on racing smart. This was going great until people decided to do everything you should NEVER do in a corner. On the 2nd corner going over the bridge, the women at the back of the pack tried to move up, unfortunately they missed Physics class or something, but they cannot move up on the inside of a corner because the pack is taking that turn already, so instead they have to a) Hit the pack b) slam on the breaks and play Dominos. Obviously, option B was chosen. I saw that one coming (Thanks to what I've learned from being/teaching Intro) and hit the breaks, missing the whole crash, but losing a place in the final sprint. All in all, frustrated but glad to stay rubber side down.

Sorry, I missed this race. It is one of my favorites, not because I like climbing all that much, but because I like hearing everyone's excuses. Instead I went to Maryland to play in the NFHL (National Field Hockey League) Spring Tournament with my homeslices from NU. It was awesome we got 3rd out of 23 teams.... AND our goalie bailed on us.
After a long weekend with a different crowd of people, I am excited to get back to bike racing and way less stressed out.

Sunday night was one of the best phone convos ever....
Maggie: Hey Boozer, How'd the races go?
Boozer: OH my god... Katy... got 2nd!
Maggie: What? Who won?
Boozer: Some girl from Dartmouth... Katy beat Martha Buckley...AND Anna McCloon!
Maggie: What!! Wow... Wow....whooooaaaa! NO, What? Wow!. YAY KATY! (Jaw dropped and stuttering)
Ahhhhh the sweet taste of a teammates victory! Wish I had been there to see it. But instead, I ran to the sketchy liquor store that stays open past the legal selling time on Sundays, bought Katy a nice bottle of Champagne and had a rowdy celebration with the bike team.

Also, from stalking the results I noticed that a lady who previously raced intros this year has now gone on to WIN the Women's C race.... Congrats Carolyn!

Sorry there was so much talking and not enough pictures, but I must go pack my outfit for the banquet and someone remember how to ride a bike. Dartmouth, PennState and Steven's (09) Crit are my top 3 favorites... and I've been waiting a long time for some success at the finish line... wish me luck.
See y'all in the AM.