Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fixies... I have to.

So, it's still finals.. they just won't go away until I study and take them... WHY?!

But as a Nursing major I thought now would be a great time to share my feelings on fixies (as commuter bikes). See if you can figure it out:

1. Performance
2. Fixed Skateboards

3. Here is a photo compilation... medically based as to the results of using your Knees (Patella and Patellar tendone) along with the supporting elements (femur, tibia, and fibula) of your body instead of some sexy Shimano brakes to stop your bike in traffic:

Knee Replacement:

Bruising from Internal Damage (Possibly from Muscle):

Arthritis at a young age (possibly while still in college!):

All of this knee damage will result with the risk of a once ferocious racer traveling to the bar and ECCC dance parties/banquets with a much smaller set of wheels and a new carbon frame:

So, in the commuting world, pick a safe option. And please, kids... wear your helmet!
Happy Trails... Pray for Snow

Disclaimer: This post is by no means meant to rag on Track Racing, I just want you to commute in safety style.

Here Goes...

Hola Party People-
So, since Facebook and Gmail have been constant entertainers of my procrastination hobby, I decided it was time for something new, something meaningful. Thus, I have entered the ECCC blog addiction.

My main goal will be to write cool stuff. And by cool stuff, I will be following my own working definition: Cool is anything I write.

So, the blog shall start. And since it is finals week I will share a bit of information with you. I was asked to write a response to the Human Genome Project. For those of you who would like more education before commenting please go to: Anyway. The question was aimed at Designer Babies as well as the possibility of eliminating certain conditions that are directly correlated to DNA makeup. Here is my question redirected to you, with a cycling spin.

What about "Designer cyclists"? Hmmmm.... who in the ECCC is most likely to be a designed cyclist, built for speed and precision cornering? Do tell.