Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ECCC 2010 Comes to an end...

A glorious end it was. Easterns at Dartmouth had sweet courses. I am still very upset about the failure to deliver on the promised water bottles...(promoters, take note, it is the little things that people remember!)

Though the courses were awesome, the weekend was to put nicely, a suck-fest for me. I was disappointed about the crit. I don't know what I was doing, except that I was not racing, or keeping up. The Frat-Row crit course is one of my favorite, especially "Carnage Corner." Not because people get hurt, but I just love riding it. Anyway, it was an epic fail. A bunch of the ladies I spoke with after the race asked, "are you ok?" "Did you crash?" "What happened?" I am thankful that they think I should have been riding better as well, but my only answer was that I was unable to keep up. I'll work on that.

Then at the staging for the road race, Pat noticed that my fork was broken...greaaattt! :( Jackie loaned me her bike, which I liked a lot... but was unsuccessful on.

So, I went back to Boston with my tail between my legs, took my last final and moved home to VT. I spent the next week thinking about Nationals, riding my mountain bike, and sleeping.

We had an epic Road Trip to Nationals, it was myself, Gregg and Katy. I will write a full blog and post pictures when I get home from Florida.

But to end with the ECCC, it was an amazing season. The intro categories flourished, as well as the Women's fields. I was proud to see how rapidly the level of racing increased, how the B women took no beef stomping on A's, and also, how many more spectators stuck on the sidelines to watch the women's racing. It was awesome!

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