Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh life- What a wild ride. We all spend our days thinking and stressing about the next "To-Do." I'm guilty as sin on that one. But Life is good, it steps in when you think all you have going on is worth stressing over, because most of the time, it's a kids game. The BIG stuff is what gets you. So here is a moment to respect the BIG stuff and to those pushing through it, in all it's fury, it makes us live.

So that's the blurb to real life, but since biking, or thinking about biking is a vacation get away all in it's own I wanted to blab blab blab. I am so excited the Rutgers is right around the corner. Scared because no matter how much better I think I did at "training" this winter... I am still going to be slow fat and happy!

My bike is currently in pieces all over my apartment, frame in my bedroom, wheel in the bike room, cassette somewhere in my laundry bin (I think) and the free wheel has been getting soaked in T9 (which was originally designed for crazy airplanes?! read the label!) all because I was so excited to bike outside on a sunny day, and then to indulge in all the happy pasta eating afterwards that I fast forwarded right past cleaning my bike to studying and letting it rust and seize all the bearings to death.... so what will I bring to Rutgers? We shall see. But if it's not a bike I do have a brand new shopping cart stored in my bike room just in case...and yes I could rock that on a points race FOR FREE!

New news, going to be getting my jaw torn apart Wednesday morning because I decided to train for racing against some talented individuals by falling on my face (I was on foot, not bike) and breaking my molar. So.. gonna get some gold caps for my white .... ha ha.

Although my brother makes fun of me any time I discuss my favorite work out master, Zuzana I and still convinced that she is the shit and can bust any one's butt into a great soreness in a quick second. So for those of you who are trapped in the time slumps, or just sick of riding in circles, or no where... don't stop working out, just check out Zuzana, don't judge until you've tried the workouts.

Later skaters see you soon, this season will be awesome and epic and we will all rejoice in the glory of the ECCC and all of the flag waving patriots in spandex!


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