Monday, April 2, 2012

Biker Babes Get Back On the Bike

Over a year since I last wrote about cycling life. What a shame. It has also been quite some time, too long since I have had cycling as a main driving force in my day to day pursuits. I am now no longer a member competing within the ECCC but it will remain a love of my life and each weekend I have missed the crowded smelly van trips, the early morning coffee and bagel and the hours of spandex and chamois butt'r.
This last weekend the conference went to one of my all time favorite races out in the boonies of PA on Black Mo' and my favorite crit course. In my texts with old bike racing friends and in my stalking of the results I finally got the kick in the pants I needed to get back on my bike, really back on it. Along with the missing of collegiate racing, I had the sheer pleasure and humbling experience of having someone I taught to mountain bike hand my a$$ to me on a silver platter the last time we rode together.
So, Colorado life has been great, a good job, making new friends and having adventures on some amazing mountains. Bike life has been lacking, I have been slacking. I am now looking for a new bike team to join, fingers crossed I find one that will accept my slow biking skills at this moment in time.
I have started taking or resident Pup, Ruby with me. She is a bit of a character so I was very surprised that she has caught on to the staying out of the way of the tires so quickly. Having two old bike team friends inundate Boulder has been fun. Since hurting my shoulder I had been biking with the fear, riding like a sissy. So a few days at Valmont Bike Park with them has carried over very well to my mountain bike trail rides. The bikes finally got dusted off. My poor roommate is now experiencing the clutter that is me cleaning and tuning up my cycles. And oh, she gets a hoot out of the spandex. After my last road ride I got new shoes and was breaking in my heels, in my bike shorts while hammering up new coat hooks when she walked in the door. Good to have judge-free roomies!

So, what now? Well I am getting out on my mountain bike, planning some epic mtn pass rides for the skinny tires, and hoping that I will be able to reach the top before I roll backwards. It is frustrating to fall behind in prior areas of success, but I can't get any better unless I keep getting back on the bike.

Happy Trails,

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  1. yeyeah girl! come follow my blog too! i don't update as much as i wish i had time for, but heck, its sumptin! glad you are lovin the life out there, ry and i plan to be out west in the near future too (probably last summer season east coast side...). love the pup!